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 photo IMGP3672_zpseefpua9a.jpg
Where were we? Oh yes, the 98 meter pyramid on the bank of the Mississippi in the city of Memphis Tennessee. It's a sporting goods store.

 photo IMGP3676_zpswptxztcy.jpg
A sporting goods store with an aquarium in it.

 photo IMGP3675_zpsodpgd8ur.jpg
An aquarium with sturgeon and other big fresh water fish.

 photo IMGP3677_zpsajxgtf9j.jpg
An aquarium big enough to have a diver go in to do scheduled fish feedings (Hi, Diver Courtney!)

 photo IMGP3680_zpszxghngii.jpg
Also paddlefish!

 photo IMGP3686_zpsrofb3twg.jpg
Next to that aquarium? A taxidermy grizzly bear. Above that? A hotel.

 photo IMGP3687_zpsi5exaiks.jpg
Across the way? A restaurant and bowling alley.

 photo IMGP3688_zps7xrcnvz8.jpg
And alligators.

 photo IMGP3689_zpspkwpqgak.jpg
The center of the space was another fresh water aquarium, this one open, to look like a cypress swamp. This mannequin was bowfishing.

 photo IMGP3691_zpsetfn6g4z.jpg
In the water, lots of really big freshwater fish, including a MASSIVE 8 foot alligator gar.

 photo IMGP3673_zpsqj69c0wu.jpg
Also in the pyramid: a 32 story glass elevator.

 photo IMGP3696_zpsefc1vdcs.jpg
Which leads to a pyramid-top bar! With another aquarium! And steampunk frog sculptures!

 photo IMGP3698_zpseizmgnxm.jpg
And steampunk fish and a speargun!

 photo IMGP3697_zpsfsv5vvcq.jpg
And a roof deck where you can see the mighty Mississippi!

 photo IMGP3699_zpspd813dy6.jpg
Here's my brother standing on the glass ledge. The glass ledge was fogged up with moisture so it wasn't very scary. I kept finding wind-blown mayflies.

 photo IMGP3700_zpsxdwbcsnr.jpg
Here you can see a chunk of Arkansas, a lot of the river, and a few Mediterranean Rock Pigeons showing how they rocked it back in ancient Egypt--perch on that pyramid, baby.

 photo IMGP3701_zpsixeng1t7.jpg
When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in the Bass Pro Shops, pick up a firearm and blast some (virtual) varmints.
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