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 photo IMGP3850_zpsap9xyyos.jpg
Turns out there's some nice fall color a short walk from the front door.

 photo IMGP3851_zpskjecg2ta.jpg
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 photo IMGP3824_zpsralv9gzt.jpg
I got some pictures off my camera today, from a walk we took the first weekend of October. As it turned out it was one of Maggie's last walks, so I'm glad I captured it.

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 photo P1070052_zpsd5ukbroq.jpg

Sugar maple, 10/12/15
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 photo P1010021_zps838114a8.jpg
My dad and I went walking near Brook Farm in West Roxbury yesterday. It was the last day of autumn.

 photo P1010016_zps15e4cbc8.jpg

 photo P1010014_zps59d1b261.jpg
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 photo IMG_0440_zpsa35cf435.jpg
A dead tree among the merely sleeping.
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 photo IMG_0423_zps7259fa78.jpg
Cavorting in the leaves with Jim, at Alex's new house.
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 photo IMG_0422_zps8d5b8874.jpg
Alex is under there somewhere, with her dog Jim, and my dogs Charlie and Maggie (in case you're new here).

 photo IMG_0421_zps2aebed49.jpg
Alex brought over a little Victory in a bottle, which gleamed like liquid gold in the sun.

 photo IMG_0418_zps4e7fb5c8.jpg
The Norway maple in the front yard decided this weekend was the right time to drop all its leaves.

 photo IMG_0420_zpsfcccd1f8.jpg
Look, it's foster puppy Pocket! She looks cute in the leaves, but she kind of looks cute everywhere.
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 photo IMG_0410_zps0cf078c3.jpg
This moth by my porch light is one of two species: either a winter moth, Operophtera brumata, or a Bruce spanworm O. bruceata. Bruce spanworm moths are more likely to be flying in autumn, but there's a chance that this is a winter moth flying early. The field marking that distinguishes them is a small spot on the underside of their hind wings.

This is a male moth, by the way, females of both above species are flightless.
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 photo IMG_8092_zps80800581.jpg
Self portrait on bike, with fall leaves, and iPhone tucked into hat.
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 photo IMG_0212_zpsd1e0f5cf.jpg
My friend [livejournal.com profile] dedhamoutside and I co-led an Urban Nature Walk in the Dedham Town Forest (previously seen here). This sign is relatively new. On the one hand, it's nice for the town to recognize the Town Forest; on the other, now it's more visible for use and abuse. We set out with the intention to find mushrooms and other living things!

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 photo IMG_0111_zps4ec0a734.jpg
But only sugar maples
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 photo IMG_7926_zps6edb67ed.jpg
On Sunday the weather started to clear.

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 photo IMG_7890_zpsa99aae0e.jpg

 photo IMG_7898_zps4a9d7e88.jpg
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 photo IMG_7866_zpsf00daa43.jpg
I was frankly dreading today's Fungi Field Walk, because we're in the middle of a drought. I don't think it's rained in over 2 weeks. I expected to find maybe some polypores and perhaps some little forest mushrooms like this one--probably Dacryopinax spathularia.

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Little bee

Sep. 27th, 2014 08:06 pm
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 photo IMG_7845_zps9a680adf.jpg
I'm starting to get desperate to see living things. This little bee, possibly a sweat bee, is being very cooperative. That white snakeroot nectar must be delicious.
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 photo IMG_7809_zps77db9275.jpg
The maples begin to succumb to the season.
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 photo IMG_7806_zps9cd656be.jpg
One of the nice things about autumn is the blooming of asters. This one is probably blue wood aster Symphyotrichum cordifolium. These look like rangy weeds all summer long, then burst out in lovely unkempt daisylike composite flowers.
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Every year there's a sudden drop off of visible biodiversity in the North, as cold weather arrives and many of the insects disappear. This year was especially hard on me, as I spent one of the last weeks of the summer in Florida, where insects and spiders and large wading birds and giant reptiles are loose everywhere, all the time as far as I know. Then I came back to Boston on a change of weather day--everyone in Boston thought it was pretty cold compared to the day before, but it was like a 30 degree drop for me. I looked around my yard and it looked like I'd been away for months: the grass was brown, all the sunflowers had come and gone, the perennials and wildflowers had all gone to seed.

I just posted this on tumblr, with a mopey caption:
 photo IMG_7804_zps4550668b.jpg
It's terribly blurry, but the wing veins are nice and visible, in case any entomologists want to identify it. I know it's a carrion fly but beyond that who knows?
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 photo IMG_4287_zps1e76cbb9.jpg

No sun - no moon!
No morn - no noon -
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! -
-Thomas Hood



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