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This blog's biggest fan was in town this past weekend, and really wanted to be in a 3:00 snapshot. How could I say no?
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Checking the air pressure on the hospital van.
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Stop and Shop parking lot selfie.
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Lookin' tough with my golf cart.
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Driving home from my dentist appointment, with my new crown
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Creeper snapshot of the zookeeper that did her one day rotation with me at the zoo hospital on Thursday.
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Using my car as a temporary AAZK office to write some checks.
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First time this year that this parking lot is full. Beautiful day, April vacation week.
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I cut a trench through the two inch deep ice so that the massive amount of melting snow could drain to the...giant puddle.
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Frost on the inside of Alexis' Car's windshield
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Here's the updated view out my office window.

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I was sent home early to weather the storm with Alexis.
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After walking one of Alexis' client dogs together.
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Heavy rains and a clogged drain means a flooded parking lot. This is very close to the same view of my building that you can see in the movie Zookeeper.
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Glen Lane as seen through my windshield.
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Thursday is my day to inspect the Hospital Van.
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Storing some donations for the weekend event.
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Taking Joe to a friend's birthday party.
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Duck is my co-pilot.

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She looks a little nervous about the tunnel.
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Made my last payment on this sexy new bike. I bought it from a friendly coworker who let me have it pretty cheap. It's light and fast as hell. Maybe I should try for the 50 mile Gilmour Ride in 2015?


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