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Loving a dog means getting your heart broken in 10 to 15 years. You know it's going to happen, but there is no way to prepare for it. This week he stopped eating and drinking, and on the infrequent times that he would walk, he would shake himself and fall down. We sent him back to the universe at 10 am this morning.

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I decided on a bit of a whim to do an Urban Nature Walk in Franklin Park. I took Charlie. We met one other walk participant there. I was there to find mushroom species for the Franklin Park Biodiversity Project.

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On October 8th, we went to Cutler Park.

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I got some pictures off my camera today, from a walk we took the first weekend of October. As it turned out it was one of Maggie's last walks, so I'm glad I captured it.

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The grief is very fresh as we said goodbye to Maggie yesterday. She had a mast cell tumor and it spread to her central nervous system. We eased her to final sleep outside on the grass on a beautiful fall day. If you've been following this blog for a long time you know how important she was to us, if not, here's a little gallery of memories.

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Mar. 25th, 2016 12:48 pm
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1. I bought a suit. I went to Men's Wearhouse, tried on their least expensive separates (199.00) and sent Alexis a pic. She said "looks good" I said "okay I'll take it" and then no thank you to the millions of add-ons available. I still don't have it with me because they need to cut about 18 inches off the legs. The best thing is that now I know my suit size (40 short; 34 inch waist; 27 inch inseam). So of course I bought a cheap one off the internet:
 photo Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.18.20 PM_zps7xbkzwuv.png
Alexis helpfully pointed out that the thing about a cheap suit is that it looks like a cheap suit.

2. Maggie got sprayed by a skunk again, 3/24/16

3. I bought a new camera lens with my tax refund and it's really good except it doesn't do the one thing I got it for, which is to take pictures of small things close up. On the bright side, perhaps I will take and post pics of birds now.
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It's nice to realize that there are still unseen places to discover in a city as small as Boston; I've lived here since August of 1987. This is a chunk of the Stonybrook Reservation that at least one community group would like to see renovated and converted into a dog park.
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My dad is one of Charlie's most favoritest people. I refer to him as "Poppa Doc (papa doc?)", the name that my brother's children called him when they were younger, and Charlie knows who I'm talking about.
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 photo P1030935_zpsovbd7hqb.jpg

 photo P1030936_zpsx1h7egwz.jpg

 photo P1030937_zpsy19lm5mt.jpg

And sometimes Charlie
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The funnest thing is when Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross are in the exact same position.
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Aug. 29th, 2015 08:08 pm
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Oh my yes we have two new puppies in our lives and in our house!

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Charlie would rather not say hi to the King's Bowling mascot, thanks
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This blog's biggest fan was in town this past weekend, and really wanted to be in a 3:00 snapshot. How could I say no?
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We had a brief one night engagement with Calvin, a nervous goofy dog a little older than our usual fosters. Charlie got along with him pretty well, but Maggie took an instant dislike to him.

 photo P1030265_zpst3piaolk.jpg
After several hours of solicitous play bowing, Maggie decided she liked him and wanted to play with him. After his real foster picked him up, Maggie was looking for him and acting like she wanted to play.
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 photo P1020722_zpsgdabocuf.jpg
Me and my old man.
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 photo P1020212_zpszdjpcdcf.jpg
Charlie enjoys a sunny snow-free yard.

 photo P1020211_zps8qkb8mcg.jpg
Charlie enjoys getting up on the picnic table to put lovin' on my dad.
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 photo IMG_1009_zpsa9aoc4hr.jpg
On Sunday it got sunny enough--and enough of the snow had melted--that both dogs laid down in the yard for the first time this year.
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 photo P1010991_zpsi8otsmw8.jpg

 photo P1010989_zpsqibvy9am.jpg

 photo P1010994_zpsw2ydsfez.jpg
Also Alex got Alexis a shirt with a picture of Maggie on it.
From here: http://www.doggietops.com/collections/841951-custom-designs/products/9339052-t-shirt-customized-design


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