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 photo IMGP3850_zpsap9xyyos.jpg
Turns out there's some nice fall color a short walk from the front door.

 photo IMGP3851_zpskjecg2ta.jpg
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 photo 14463008_10209923235253401_5637181418689063561_n_zpslag5vdb6.jpg
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 photo IMGP3422_zpsrr9jglr3.jpg
Until the drought killed them, our nasturtiums were a food source for many. This bejeweled true bug (hemiptera) is unidentifiable, but was probably drinking plant juice.

 photo IMGP3420_zps8ollgfjy.jpg
Likewise these candy-stripe leafhoppers were using their beak-like mouthparts to jab holes in the plant and sip its fluid.

 photo IMGP3429_zpsh8nkodhj.jpg
And then underneath the leaves these black aphids were also settled in to drink.

 photo IMGP3427_zpskh6pfxxq.jpg
Enter the cavalry: ladybeetle larvae specialize on soft-bodied plant-feeders like aphids.

 photo IMGP3426_zpssnwofc7z.jpg
Off they go to eat some aphids--ultimately the plant succumbed to the combined stress of drought and bugs, but it was fun to record the events.
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 photo IMGP3290_zpsa0cvipui.jpg
These little black aphids are feeding on our nasturtiums. I was aiming to get a good sharp view of them and ended up with something softer and more impressionistic.

 photo IMGP3297_zpsdnvu8jwj.jpg
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 photo IMGP3288_zpseecwls0n.jpg
A common grackle caught and killed a fledgling house sparrow, brought it to our yard to dismember and feed it to its own chick.
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 photo IMGP3228_zpswnshuhi1.jpg
She's eating something! (probably a small fly that got trapped in her web)

 photo IMGP3232_zpsulhiv8mt.jpg
Leucauge venusta are super common around suburban yards, but so beautiful they deserve a close look.

 photo IMGP3233_zpsc4hfj6rf.jpg
Green, yellow, black, orange, silver...
They are adapted to forest edges, a habitat that humans replicate throughout our parks, yards, and gardens.

 photo IMGP3235_zpszkmfvsov.jpg
They make wonderful neighbors, hanging around the edges of trees and shrubs, taking extra flying insects (there are always extras).
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 photo IMGP3217_zpsalks7ihm.jpg
First, right up against the back of the house next to our compost, the magic guardian of the compost. Only the bravest and cleverest of mice may get by the guardian. This was the third time I saw it in the course of the day, but the only halfway decent photo. If you follow Alexis on social media you may have seen me holding it--it never tried to bite, it just thoroughly coated me with its stink gland.

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 photo IMGP2805_zpseoivjdtj.jpg
Last weekend, while everywhere between DC and NY was getting whomped with 2 feet of snow, we got a steady but light event. I went out at twilight because the light looked weird and I liked it.

 photo IMGP2806_zpso1zs1k2z.jpg
This snowy swamp is a retaining pond for road runoff.

 photo IMGP2811_zpsbinzusvo.jpg
Looking up into our neighborhood from the main road.

 photo IMGP2819_zps8tijs0a2.jpg
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 photo IMGP2679_zpsivxinzcs.jpg
My dad is one of Charlie's most favoritest people. I refer to him as "Poppa Doc (papa doc?)", the name that my brother's children called him when they were younger, and Charlie knows who I'm talking about.
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 photo P1070306_zpswp9k6ecp.jpg
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 photo P1030935_zpsovbd7hqb.jpg

 photo P1030936_zpsx1h7egwz.jpg

 photo P1030937_zpsy19lm5mt.jpg

And sometimes Charlie
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 photo P1030908_zpsanbwyoxp.jpg
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 photo P1030787_zps5o9gdlhb.jpg
The funnest thing is when Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross are in the exact same position.
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 photo P1030760_zpsx9ogj71f.jpg
Jim surprised me by going belly-up for Diana Ross. This is how he usually greets Maggie, as an appeasement gesture.

 photo P1030765_zpswkdcld2r.jpg
Alexis looks fetching in her Jonathan Coulton t-shirt and Fiona Apple sun hat.

 photo P1030766_zpsddde2zt8.jpg
Fiona is shocked and honored that Jim is approaching her with his ball--he tends to bark at new people until he likes them. This is good stuff, him asking her to play with him.
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This is just a couple pictures from our zookeeper meetup last week.

 photo P1030729_zpsklu1ff7e.jpg
We've had these "star and moom" floating candles since before we moved in. This was a perfect place for them.

 photo P1030731_zps6baeb5uo.jpg
This is a candle that's supposed to keep mosquitoes away. It seems to have attracted and entombed at least one crane fly.

 photo 11209452_10206854969028663_1964544464535463921_n_zpsiehgcvid.jpg
Flames at the end of the night, casting a soft glow on the last few guests.
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 photo IMGP2218_zpstbex5pc6.jpg
This blog's biggest fan was in town this past weekend, and really wanted to be in a 3:00 snapshot. How could I say no?
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 photo P1020806_zpsphneo4be.jpg
Here's a shot of a beautiful bald woman and the pudgy spider-lover she tolerates, taken at 3:00 p.m. for some reason.


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