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Loving a dog means getting your heart broken in 10 to 15 years. You know it's going to happen, but there is no way to prepare for it. This week he stopped eating and drinking, and on the infrequent times that he would walk, he would shake himself and fall down. We sent him back to the universe at 10 am this morning.

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That last post was a rhetorical question obviously.

 photo IMGP2921_zps8nxyycz0.jpg
It turns out we spent 95% of our time in Venice (you know, where Venice Beach is)
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 photo IMGP2822_zpsfafhhs3m.jpg
My dad and I went to the Springfield (Massachusetts) Science Museum a couple days ago. They have a temporary exhibit about dogs up now.

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 photo P1030935_zpsovbd7hqb.jpg

 photo P1030936_zpsx1h7egwz.jpg

 photo P1030937_zpsy19lm5mt.jpg

And sometimes Charlie
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 photo P1030760_zpsx9ogj71f.jpg
Jim surprised me by going belly-up for Diana Ross. This is how he usually greets Maggie, as an appeasement gesture.

 photo P1030765_zpswkdcld2r.jpg
Alexis looks fetching in her Jonathan Coulton t-shirt and Fiona Apple sun hat.

 photo P1030766_zpsddde2zt8.jpg
Fiona is shocked and honored that Jim is approaching her with his ball--he tends to bark at new people until he likes them. This is good stuff, him asking her to play with him.
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 photo P1020773_zpsjiw4mlqa.jpg
The Jim naps in his home base.
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 photo P1020526_zpsk8axwakj.jpg
Jim waiting for the ball

 photo P1020527_zpsvfjsuj3f.jpg
Jim ready to catch the ball!
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 photo P1010991_zpsi8otsmw8.jpg

 photo P1010989_zpsqibvy9am.jpg

 photo P1010994_zpsw2ydsfez.jpg
Also Alex got Alexis a shirt with a picture of Maggie on it.
From here: http://www.doggietops.com/collections/841951-custom-designs/products/9339052-t-shirt-customized-design
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 photo P1010257_zps9186ff82.jpg
I took yesterday off, so Alexis took the opportunity to bring some client dogs over to play with Carlisle. Here are Cricket and Shane.

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 photo P1010237_zpsd60062a9.jpg
Carlisle meets a potential new family.
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 photo P1010197_zps04206505.jpg
Alexis and Carlisle. But perhaps you'd like to see Carlisle playing with his sister Salem (who came over to visit)?

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 photo P1010166_zpsdcd1dd71.jpg
Here's poor Jim. I played ball with him most of the late morning and early afternoon, but the weather crapped up on us again. He's ever so expectant.

 photo P1010165_zps8dd021c3.jpg
What exactly is Maggie saying to Carl in this photo?

 photo P1010164_zpsf13919ae.jpg
Another camera test: I called Carlisle over and got this shot of hime barreling over at top speed!
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 photo P1010131_zpsdf4a17ad.jpg
Carlisle and Jim--yes that's right, for the next 10 days we're a 4 dog household! I'm taking it as a household/marriage stress test.

 photo P1010132_zpsd111d680.jpg
No bugs to photograph, so I'll test the new camera on some snowflakes on the picnic table.
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 photo IMG_0499_zpsca925c24.jpg
Yesterday we went to Thanksgiving dinner at our friends' house. Here's Milo greeting our arrival.
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 photo IMG_0470_zpsd90350c9.jpg
A relatively mild day means hanging out in the back yard with Alex and the dogs.

 photo IMG_0471_zpsace1a359.jpg
Dogs all over!
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 photo IMG_0464_zpsaadd3926.jpg
Maggie and Charlie uncommonly close on the basement couch. Pocket was away on a visit so we had the night to ourselves to watch a movie (Winter Soldier).
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 photo IMG_0422_zps8d5b8874.jpg
Alex is under there somewhere, with her dog Jim, and my dogs Charlie and Maggie (in case you're new here).

 photo IMG_0421_zps2aebed49.jpg
Alex brought over a little Victory in a bottle, which gleamed like liquid gold in the sun.

 photo IMG_0418_zps4e7fb5c8.jpg
The Norway maple in the front yard decided this weekend was the right time to drop all its leaves.

 photo IMG_0420_zpsfcccd1f8.jpg
Look, it's foster puppy Pocket! She looks cute in the leaves, but she kind of looks cute everywhere.
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 photo IMG_0376_zpsbe5a83e9.jpg
Somebody gave Alexis 150 bulbs, so on Sunday she started planting them. Pocket is helping.

 photo IMG_0375_zpsb1216424.jpg
Also on the to do list, pull out the large volunteer sunflower. She put an echinacea in its place.

 photo IMG_0377_zpsc11640fb.jpg
And let Pocket clamber onto Maggie, who didn't protest.
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 photo IMG_0368_zps60f2ffdd.jpg
Alexis needs to be the subject of a series of faux religious paintings.

 photo IMG_0369_zpseb60bd95.jpg
We all have our photogenic moments.

 photo IMG_0370_zps2d300751.jpg
None of us so much as the dogs.


Oct. 15th, 2014 08:43 pm
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 photo IMG_7987_zps84118826.jpg
Alex with Pocket and Jim.


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