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At work there was quite a commotion when one of the landscapers noticed this pair of screech owls and their 5 chicks in a small tree next to the gift shop! They got a lot of attention from animal lovers with binoculars and cameras. The next day they were seen a couple trees away, behind the gift shop where it was a bit quieter. Nice to see these wild predators doing well here.

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Right next to the front door of the gift shop this evergreen tree was sprouting an unusual growth. A very quiet still dove pretended I didn't notice it, and then so did I.
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Hooray, it's [livejournal.com profile] elainetyger! It seems long overdue that we meet in person. It was a quick visit, a tour of the Tropical Forest building, then we parted. Next time for drinks!
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 photo P1070052_zpsd5ukbroq.jpg

Sugar maple, 10/12/15
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May 21, 2015, at the zoo.
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This summer, Franklin Park Zoo has a camel ride. This is the camel handler, and his male dromedary Nero.

Cow bath

May. 10th, 2015 11:46 am
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Here's zookeeper Joe, keeping Rumba the Randall steer steady for his bath.

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Staff and volunteers pull together to get the cover back on the butterfly pavilion.
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 photo P1010970_zpsdo28qewo.jpg

These two rams are elderly animals that live in the Children's Zoo barn. They're part of the contact yard ("petting zoo") but they have the option not to participate, which they usually take.
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Curious George waits in a lull between crowds of kids coming to meet him. Admission to the zoo is only 5 dollars this week, and every day George is in the Tropical Forest to meet his fans. Educators are present with all kinds of activities, including story time.
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 photo P1010652_zpsfg4ut0py.jpg

Snowy outback.
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The tropical forest building.

 photo IMG_0803_zpshiqycicv.jpg
Right near by, the hyena exhibit.
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Bird's World in the snow. This is the oldest building in the zoo, built in 1913, when "Oriental" architecture was fashionable.

 photo P1010311_zps9151d0ec.jpg
In the same location: peacock tracks in the fresh snow.
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Watching Milton.
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At this point I feel like I'm just documenting the steady decline and demise of my camera.

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 photo IMG_8080_zpsa2605b0e.jpg
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"The Greeting" is the straight road that runs most of the length of Franklin Park Zoo. It was originally conceived as a path for those wished to be seen, to cruise in their carriages. I guess that was a thing at the time (late 1800s). It makes for a distinctive feature of the zoo.

 photo IMG_0181_zps2415a323.jpg
We're still an inch of rain behind this year, but this week we started to make up for it. Here are some common puffballs Lycoperdon perlatum enjoying the sudden moisture.
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Here's our male pygmy hippo, Inocencio, swimming by the Hippo Theater window. FYI the last few pics were originally posted on instagram. If you're interested, I'm @urbpan there too.
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 photo IMG_0150_zpse4a1a18f.jpg

 photo IMG_8052_zps08a9e921.jpg
Our Hyenas went out on exhibit for the first time!
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 photo IMG_8000_zps8cc2d455.jpg
Franklin Park Zoo's main food concession, decorated for fall.
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Our Kenyan sand boa was impossible to see when hiding under the bark mulch substrate. The substrate was changed to sand, and while the snake is still hard to see, you can certainly detect where it has been.

 photo IMG_7878_zps47b3991b.jpg
The next exhibit over is the rhino rat snake, posing calmly at the front of the glass.


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