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My friend Siobhan is a zookeeper at the Capron Park Zoo, and offered to give Fiona and I a behind-the-scenes tour. Here's the beautiful eye of one of the Visayan warty hogs.

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Aug. 29th, 2015 08:08 pm
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 photo P1030640_zpsbvk6qae3.jpg
Oh my yes we have two new puppies in our lives and in our house!

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 photo IMGP2218_zpstbex5pc6.jpg
This blog's biggest fan was in town this past weekend, and really wanted to be in a 3:00 snapshot. How could I say no?
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 photo IMGP2190_zpsrhpafxv0.jpg
In Southeastern New England, there are at least six zoos: Frankin Park, Stone, Roger Williams Park, Capron Park, Buttonwood, and the New England Aquarium. There are also small zoos within the Boston Science Museum, and at Drumlin Farm and Trailside Museum. The Zookeeper association at my work has been trying to get keepers from all these zoos to meet with one another and have social events where we can exchange ideas and enjoy the company of people who have similar experiences. Last weekend we managed to get people from 4 of these institutions together for a cookout.

 photo IMGP2194_zpscpcl2rgi.jpg
Two of the keepers pictured work for a seasonal camel ride concession that works out of both Franklin Park and Roger Williams Park Zoos.

 photo IMGP2193_zpslblq0lrs.jpg
With so many keepers in one place we couldn't resist doing our version of the Chris Pratt Jurassic World raptor keeper scene.
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 photo P1030134_zpsevqb7rco.jpg
My friend Kathy was the manager of the gift shop; this is her last day 6/26/15--she treated herself to a camel ride, why not?
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 photo P1020933_zps2hccv0fs.jpg
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 photo P1020658_zpsgfvpna4d.jpg
I'm happy that snapshot #2000 contains three of my favorite ladies: Gigi, Lana, and Lanandra.
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 photo P1020557_zps6eshanab.jpg
Zookeeper Sarah at her post in the Aussie Aviary.


May. 15th, 2015 09:23 pm
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 photo P1020553_zps6xwxn7lf.jpg

So the whole point of me going through everything I went through to get a suit was to wear it to Zootopia. This is the zoo's biggest fundraiser of the year, with big money auctions and awards and local politicians and so on. I found myself gravitating toward other zoo people and their animals for comfort.
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 photo P1020510_zpsgoz81mxp.jpg
Here I am modeling my new suit, purchased because I got too fat for my old one over the winter, and I needed one in a hurry to go to a fancy zoo event.

 photo P1020504_zpsacorketi.jpg
The pants were way too long, so my friend Nan came over to hem them for me. This is how we learned that irons are bad for the finish on a wood table top. The pants looked good though!

 photo P1020501_zpsrbx0wxpn.jpg
Earlier that day I rode 10 miles in the Jonathan Gilmour Memorial Fund ride by myself, and the only picture I took was this one of an apple orchard, as I whizzed by.

Cow bath

May. 10th, 2015 11:46 am
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 photo P1020473_zpsq6gdahpa.jpg
Here's zookeeper Joe, keeping Rumba the Randall steer steady for his bath.

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 photo P1020460_zpsiro8toac.jpg
Sunday was all about the new foster puppy "Pecan" (I call him Angel Pecan) and the many friends that came over to see him!
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 photo P1020363_zpslu8iooly.jpg
I'll let you in on a little secret that I won't tell them over at tumblr. I'm going to slow release a whole mess of photos of organisms from this day to try to catch up on my 280 days of urbpandemonium project. The following post is mostly people and places kind of pictures, and lots of them.

Nickerson Beach is on a peninsula neighborhood known as Squantum in the city of Quincy. It sticks up into Boston Harbor and is very close to a couple of the harbor islands.
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 photo P1010856_zpsp7agisuh.jpg
Lead Keeper Nikki at her boss' desk. Nikki is running in the Boston Marathon this year to help raise money for the zoo.
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 photo P1010843_zpsnideotqw.jpg
In the afternoons the Children's Zoo has been letting the goats out of their stalls to roam the barn for exercise (and for fun for the guests and staff). Here Lanandra is holding Zeke.
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 photo P1010818_zpsy77cw20e.jpg
Livejournal, you know you'll always be my first social media love. But time moves on and tumblr has moved in. The best sign of that is here, my tumblr friend ofwordsandwaltzes (they do long names over there) visited me at work! She even stayed to socialize with the zookeepers at movie night. Brave woman to meet and hang out with a dozen strangers on the spur of the moment. Thanks for visiting, it is awesome to know you!
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 photo P1010464_zpscqtnsyxt.jpg

Zookeeper friend is aware of the snapshot happening, but is trying not to encourage me.
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 photo P1010283_zps964a4268.jpg
Nanner and I mugging it up for the snapshot.
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 photo IMG_0738_zpsde174a2c.jpg
Carlisle among the wreckage of his toys, by the xmas cards.

 photo IMG_0739_zps425fc91a.jpg
Last photo of 2014. Seems appropriate.


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