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I got some pictures off my camera today, from a walk we took the first weekend of October. As it turned out it was one of Maggie's last walks, so I'm glad I captured it.

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This mysterious and perhaps a little creepy stone cabin welcomes you to the south entrance of Cutler Park. The northern end is far more developed and well traveled, and I have never been there.

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I think Zari appreciates me as a naturalist, but isn't too happy with me as a photographer. This is right as she noticed the ferns among the cattails.

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None of us present knew the identity of this wildflower. A little digging turned up "swamp cinquefoil," Comarum palustre, found in wetlands throughout the northern part of the northern hemisphere.

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I appreciate the reassuring messages on the boardwalk.

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I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess they must trim back the cattails that come up through the boardwalk.
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I haven't dumped the pics from one of my since January. Here are some winter shots. First, Exidia recisa, one of the few mushrooms of winter, here shown slightly frozen.

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Some moss, carefully manicured in the cracks between some sidewalk slabs.

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One of the urban field markings of European beech is that it usually bears some graffiti. Usually it's initials carved in the smooth bark, so this is a nice variant.
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Alexis and I took our rental dog around the neighborhood.

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It's nice to realize that there are still unseen places to discover in a city as small as Boston; I've lived here since August of 1987. This is a chunk of the Stonybrook Reservation that at least one community group would like to see renovated and converted into a dog park.
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The neighbor's children put a lot of work into this chalk graffiti. I won't pretend to understand it, but it did make the dogwalk more interesting.
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Yesterday we held the May Urban Nature Walk despite the technicality that it was June first. We went to Cutler Park, a 600 acre marsh on the Charles River. We had more participants than any previous walk, I suspect, although it's hard to tell because some people arrived later and some left early! There were three small children, one teenager, and two dogs. All present were enthusiastic nature lovers, including people who knew a lot about plants, reptiles, birds, insects, mushrooms, and so on. These photos are mostly about the people--I can't wait to see everyone's pictures of all the cool creatures we found.

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I'd like to mark all the corners of the year with visits to places that fill me with the awe of nature. It might not always be possible, and honestly I wasn't even thinking of the date when I decided to bring Charlie to Cutler Park--it was just warm.

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From up on the footbridge, it looks a little like chaos, but we can see a commuter rail train leaving North Station, the Zakim bridge, Boston Garden (which changes its name every few years with the change of corporate sponsorship), and some tall apartment buildings over the frosty river.

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Today there was an Urban Nature Walk at Quincy Quarries! Nice view, huh?
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Last weekend I went to visit my Dad in Suffield Connecticut. These lovely violets were growing below a downspout.

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We had to walk by this view on our way from our room in the convent to the elevator.

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Last Sunday was a great day for a walk in the woods. Besides the treehopper and carbon balls (previous posts) we saw a lot of mushrooms and other living things. These mushrooms are probably in the Mycena group.

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Moss growing from a spray-painted wall, Cutler Park.

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Tunnel under the train tracks at Cutler Park.

There was a deer carcass on the slope, apparently the victim of a train collision. I took a couple shots of it, but Alexis takes the cake with this picture.
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Maggie was seriously alarmed the first night she saw this plywood santa. I don't blame her, really.

I see this "Bob Saggit" graffiti almost every day. I had to document it.


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