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 photo P1020009_zpszixkkmjq.jpg
This is me at the Charleston rest area on the Mass Pike. I'm kind of hungry, but a busload of UNH track athletes arrived just before me, and are creating huge line-ups at all the restaurants.

 photo P1020007_zpsfvb6dsgx.jpg
I spent the morning with my Dad. Here he is talking on the phone with my brother as we stop for a drink at Jonathan Pesco's.

 photo P1010995_zpskfry13gg.jpg
We stopped along the Connecticut River to look for bald eagles--didn't find any, but saw lots of giant ice floes.
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 photo P1010861_zpsfm9v2u8h.jpg
Alex's new house! She's been there a few months, but I think this is one the first pictures I've taken that shows a lot of it. Alex and Alexis are suspending Jim with a stick. Alexis and I came over to help chip out some ice and ameliorate the dogs' cabin fever.
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 photo P1010851_zps0tr7qqut.jpg
I cut a trench through the two inch deep ice so that the massive amount of melting snow could drain to the...giant puddle.
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 photo P1010740_zpsfzkidtzq.jpg
Get all your ducks in a row they said. Well, all the peacocks are in a row, that should count for something.

 photo P1010742_zpsciangmrf.jpg
All the ducks are in a small amount of unfrozen water--impossible to get in a row.
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 photo P1010734_zpsq3bzto9n.jpg
I spend an awful lot of time next to this window. An icy portcullis has been descending my view.
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 photo P1010730_zpsm3id4xdt.jpg
A glance out the side door at the pre-storm world.

 photo P1010729_zpsattbty4m.jpg
When I first woke up, taking the temperature of the day.

So that bookmark was maned wolf tracks. I am still willing to trade to zookeepers for other tracks.
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 photo P1010708_zpsxwyll7s8.jpg
The new peacocks have been reliably staying near Bird's World lately. It could be the food, or it could be the heater. Watch out for the deathcicle, guys!
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 photo P1010423_zpsdlxixaxt.jpg

 photo P1010424_zpsjnwjxt5k.jpg

 photo P1010425_zpsmv6akn3n.jpg

A tundra swan fusses and feeds while a common goldeneye preens himself.
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 photo P1010227_zpsf2aaf768.jpg
Little ice floes tumbling and circling on the surface of the flamingo pool, tossed by the water circulating pump.
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 photo P1010079_zpsb5fc3582.jpg
5 people for a December Urban Nature walk is pretty good! This was our group picture, taken from the top of Great Blue Hill, the highest point near Boston (also the highest point within 10 miles of the coast, in Southern New England).

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 photo P1010021_zps838114a8.jpg
My dad and I went walking near Brook Farm in West Roxbury yesterday. It was the last day of autumn.

 photo P1010016_zps15e4cbc8.jpg

 photo P1010014_zps59d1b261.jpg
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 photo IMG_5797_zps34562ec0.jpg
Yesterday's April showers resulted in icy shrub bear claws.
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 photo IMG_5356_zpsb434f96c.jpg
In the Children's Zoo Wetlands exhibit, in the small amount of water unfrozen, a female goldeneye.

 photo IMG_5357_zpsc860105d.jpg
Male hooded merganser, female bufflehead, female goldeneye.
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 photo IMG_5347_zps86c67438.jpg
Our golf cart has been repaired, and it's back on the road--covered with ice, but it works.

 photo IMG_5348_zps584ce141.jpg
Ice grows down, tree grows up.
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 photo IMG_5234_zps0b5d8589.jpg
I love my spooky house.

 photo IMG_5114_zps7b928328.jpg
Won't you visit some time?
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 photo IMG_5154_zpsa10ceb28.jpg

Somehow in the midst of all the dog-related chaos, with Alexis out of town, I was able to complete a scheduled Urban Nature Walk! My idea for this year is to start at the mouth of the Charles, then follow it upriver on the North side. It's not much, but it's a theme. Here I am, as the weather app indicates, in the fair city of Cambridge. The mercury hit the Fahrenheit scale at 14, a bit colder than yesterday, but the motivation of an Urban Nature Walk is enough to get me out there to see North Point Park.
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 photo 20140124_150036_zps87e1d3c6.jpg

Ice in the bamboo
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 photo IMG_5043_zps85acdcd2.jpg
At least SOMEbody in this house appreciates winter weather. Maggie. So, take that with a truckload of potassium chloride.

 photo IMG_5041_zpsf5ca026d.jpg
Gouda's not too much a fan of it, but he'll tolerate it if someone is playing with him.

 photo IMG_5042_zps8bd469e0.jpg
Me? I appreciate the novelty of icicles in my facial hair, but it wears off pretty quick.
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 photo IMG_4448_zps75d289d2.jpg
I let my beard get pretty big. It's hard to want to cut it when it's cold.

 photo IMG_4449_zps0458cc76.jpg
Wet muddy soil sometimes freezes into these ice spikes.

 photo IMG_4450_zps98835d8d.jpg
As much as I dislike the cold, I love looking at ice.
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 photo IMG_4405_zps0b3d4408.jpg
We were given the okay to bring our bikes to work to get between different areas of the zoo. I'm all over it, although it could have been timed with better weather.

 photo IMG_4400_zps6834941b.jpg
The "wintry mix" (rain, sleet, snow: Alexis suggested an alternate phrase "bag of shit") resulted in this giraffe skin pattern of bubbles under the slushy icy all over the tarmac.

 photo IMG_4397_zps3cd5cbb1.jpg
Christopher the lion stayed on his heated rock, which got steamy.


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