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The grief is very fresh as we said goodbye to Maggie yesterday. She had a mast cell tumor and it spread to her central nervous system. We eased her to final sleep outside on the grass on a beautiful fall day. If you've been following this blog for a long time you know how important she was to us, if not, here's a little gallery of memories.

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 photo P1030760_zpsx9ogj71f.jpg
Jim surprised me by going belly-up for Diana Ross. This is how he usually greets Maggie, as an appeasement gesture.

 photo P1030765_zpswkdcld2r.jpg
Alexis looks fetching in her Jonathan Coulton t-shirt and Fiona Apple sun hat.

 photo P1030766_zpsddde2zt8.jpg
Fiona is shocked and honored that Jim is approaching her with his ball--he tends to bark at new people until he likes them. This is good stuff, him asking her to play with him.
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 photo P1020773_zpsjiw4mlqa.jpg
The Jim naps in his home base.
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 photo P1020526_zpsk8axwakj.jpg
Jim waiting for the ball

 photo P1020527_zpsvfjsuj3f.jpg
Jim ready to catch the ball!
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 photo P1020406_zpsvhmw1aqz.jpg
The back yard is greening up nicely!
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 photo P1020219_zps78e2u725.jpg
Alex came over to enjoy the warm sunny spring day!
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 photo P1020150_zpswlkfyurw.jpg
Have I mentioned lately how excited I am that Rock Band is coming back? Not that we ever stopped playing.
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 photo P1020144_zpskdhbw7mb.jpg
Alexis went away for the weekend, but Alex and Jim came over to keep me company.
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 photo P1020128_zpsg6kpa04a.jpg
Today was full: we had our tax date, I brought Alexis to the airport, then I picked up Jim.
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 photo P1010991_zpsi8otsmw8.jpg

 photo P1010989_zpsqibvy9am.jpg

 photo P1010994_zpsw2ydsfez.jpg
Also Alex got Alexis a shirt with a picture of Maggie on it.
From here: http://www.doggietops.com/collections/841951-custom-designs/products/9339052-t-shirt-customized-design
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 photo P1010861_zpsfm9v2u8h.jpg
Alex's new house! She's been there a few months, but I think this is one the first pictures I've taken that shows a lot of it. Alex and Alexis are suspending Jim with a stick. Alexis and I came over to help chip out some ice and ameliorate the dogs' cabin fever.
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See the snow/firepit bar and Jim, in action!
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 photo P1010786_zps1nei7suj.jpg
On Sunday, after a little bit of overnight wet snow, Alex and Jim came over.

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 photo P1010618_zpszwtbnyzm.jpg
Alex and Jim came over to play, before the next storm arrives.

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 photo P1010584_zpsbqv3rwn0.jpg
A portrait of a hard working woman, digging tunnels for dogs.

 photo P1010583_zpstmojvvqd.jpg
You can't argue with results!
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 photo P1010247_zpsc7cfc654.jpg
Alex sits with Carlisle while someone watches jealously from the baby gate.
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 photo P1010166_zpsdcd1dd71.jpg
Here's poor Jim. I played ball with him most of the late morning and early afternoon, but the weather crapped up on us again. He's ever so expectant.

 photo P1010165_zps8dd021c3.jpg
What exactly is Maggie saying to Carl in this photo?

 photo P1010164_zpsf13919ae.jpg
Another camera test: I called Carlisle over and got this shot of hime barreling over at top speed!
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 photo P1010131_zpsdf4a17ad.jpg
Carlisle and Jim--yes that's right, for the next 10 days we're a 4 dog household! I'm taking it as a household/marriage stress test.

 photo P1010132_zpsd111d680.jpg
No bugs to photograph, so I'll test the new camera on some snowflakes on the picnic table.
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 photo IMG_0655_zps24a37abf.jpg
Looking pretty cute together as we make preparations to go to two xmas parties in one night. I'm fairly certain I'm paying for it with a sore throat today, so I stayed home from work to rest up.

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 photo IMG_0470_zpsd90350c9.jpg
A relatively mild day means hanging out in the back yard with Alex and the dogs.

 photo IMG_0471_zpsace1a359.jpg
Dogs all over!


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