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The day before Halloween we had an Urban Nature Walk at good old Mount Auburn. Among other things, we saw North America's most massive bird species.

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When my first wife and I moved to San Francisco in December 1998, our housing fell through and we were cast adrift. Our friend Jaina let us stay at her place until we got back on our feet. We never really did, and in May of 1999 came crawling back to Boston.

Jaina's genuine warmth and supernatural generosity in a trying and dramatic time saved us from descending into chaos. Jaina is a grounded center surrounded by people in eccentric orbits, many of whom are very talented artists. Her home is a living museum, an oasis of calm joy in a exhilarating maelstrom of creative overstimulation. It was so delightful to see her again, and to spend the better part of a day with her.

Jaina came east on a combination spiritual journey and family reunion. The reunion with living relatives came later, but while in Boston she looked up one who had passed. Here she is (excited to be part of the 3:00 snapshot) checking the Mt. Auburn Cemetery touchscreen kiosk to find the memorial of her "Uncle Anne."

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These have been on my computer waiting to be posted for a while. Some Alexis took, some I took, I forget which. This is a male northern parula.

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