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I got some pictures off my camera today, from a walk we took the first weekend of October. As it turned out it was one of Maggie's last walks, so I'm glad I captured it.

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Then we went and found Six Mile Cypress Slough, not far away. It's all boardwalks through cypress swamp. This great egret was right by the gate, sort of a wildlife emissary for the place.

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On our way to the Urban Nature Walk at Malibu Beach I saw Turtle Pond and made a snap decision to pull over. The red maples are changing color and it's starting to look pretty amazing.

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Along one edge you can see the smaller understory trees yellowing up too.

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But for beautiful fall color I only had to look at the top of a wooden post, where British soldier lichens matched the nearby shrubs red for red.
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As much as Alexis and I try to deny it and put it off, we have to accept that it really is fall. Technically it has been for over a week (not a full month, as those who have school-age children may think) so we will do our best to see the beauty as it unfolds. We went to the Stonybrook reservation to see some.

(I'm beginning to think I have Seasonal Affected Bipolar Disorder--I am so deliriously positive in the summer, then like somewhat pulled a switch I turn surly and struggle with depression and rage. Either I need a vitamin D IV drip or a move to the equator.)

Anyway, these colorful creations are the fruiting bodies of Laetiporus species fungi, better known as the Chicken Mushroom.

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The Longwood stop on the D trolley line. A lot of people walk along the Muddy River to get to this stop. Today they had some obstacles.
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Maple sprout.

Alexis uses her fancy new macro lens to get a shot of a red maple flower.
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Another red maple (and it's many fallen leaves) in my dad's yard.

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One of many spectacular red maples in my dad's yard.

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On this day in 365 Urban Species: red maple, coincidentally (or not, really).
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Photo by [livejournal.com profile] urbpan. Location: Aspinwall and Harvard Street, Brookline.

Urban species #293: Red Maple Acer rubrum

Some part of the red maple is always red. The leaf stems are red, the winged fruits are red, and in fall the foliage turns vivid scorching red. Red maples are generally smaller than sugar maples, and shorter-lived. In wet parts of the northeast deciduous forest, red maple can be the dominant species; the red maple swamp is a distinct and biodiverse ecological community, harboring many rare species. Red maple is a good choice for city plantings because the tree tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, from dry to flooded. Many of the red maples we encounter still have their nursery tags on them, identifying them as "October Glory" trees, a cultivar apparently very popular with the Boston and Brookline parks departments.

(This and next 2 photos by [livejournal.com profile] cottonmanifesto.)
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