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Last weekend, while everywhere between DC and NY was getting whomped with 2 feet of snow, we got a steady but light event. I went out at twilight because the light looked weird and I liked it.

 photo IMGP2806_zpso1zs1k2z.jpg
This snowy swamp is a retaining pond for road runoff.

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Looking up into our neighborhood from the main road.

 photo IMGP2819_zps8tijs0a2.jpg
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This remote snowy plain is actually the golf course in Franklin Park in Boston.

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I went across the street from the zoo after work last Tuesday, when there was still some snow (actually sleet piled up white) on the ground, to look at the freaky landscape.

 photo IMGP2761_zpsfl6t7dfx.jpg
Of course, I was not alone.

 photo IMGP2762_zps2ghy7rai.jpg
As far as these Canada geese are concerned, a golf course in Boston is as good as a tundra in northern Canada.
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Another nice day in the yard. Maggie in full dead cow position.

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I stand triumphant over the last remnants of the Franklin Park snow farm.
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I canceled February's walk on account of we had more snow on the ground than any other time in history, and I didn't feel like walking through it more than I already was. We had a fair amount of melt in late March, and I was feeling good about seeing what creatures were out on the last Sunday of the month. Then on the Saturday before, it snowed again. In the Blue Hills, where the walk was planned, they got about 3 more inches. A friend and once-frequent Urban Nature Walker was going to be working at a maple sugar festival at Brookwood Farm in the Blue Hills, so that's where we went.

Above you can see the grounds of Houghton's Pond Recreation Area, complete with fresh blanket of snow and incongruent obsolete technology. We parked here and took a shuttle bus to the farm.

 photo P1020083_zpss5180llu.jpg

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Finding blue rabbit urine in the snow is almost becoming routine. All you need are wild rabbits (in our case, eastern cottontails), snow (got plenty), and buckthorn--an invasive woody plant that rabbits resort to feeding on in the winter when food is scarce.
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The Flintstones family vehicle, still up to the top of the doors in snow.
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The moai emerges from the snow
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This winter has been very rough on the benches.
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 photo P1010938_zpsodisv7py.jpg

Pest control requires shoveling snow sometimes.
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The back of the Zoo Hospital offices, with a vacant mews collapsed by the snow load.
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Alex's new house! She's been there a few months, but I think this is one the first pictures I've taken that shows a lot of it. Alex and Alexis are suspending Jim with a stick. Alexis and I came over to help chip out some ice and ameliorate the dogs' cabin fever.
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I'd basically given up on tracking this winter, since the snow is so deep. But here, in a public path in the zoo, a striped skunk left these beautiful marks in the fresh powder.

 photo P1010816_zpsql0sm3br.jpg
I was struggling to identify them, then I came across this set on top of the deep snowpack. That simple short shuffling stride is clearly a skunk.
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 photo P1010803_zpsp7nbqrzb.jpg
The snow recorded a crow walking in a spiral
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Boy that snow IS getting deep.
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A stone wall on Glen Lane. Glen Lane divides Franklin Park into The Greeting (now the zoo) and The Country Park (now the golf course). Outside the zoo fence it's called Glen Road, and it turns into Green Street, a well known street in Jamaica Plain. I mainly think of it as the place where the zoo staff parks.
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See the snow/firepit bar and Jim, in action!
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On Sunday, after a little bit of overnight wet snow, Alex and Jim came over.

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