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The Longwood Medical Area.
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Wednesday I went to the doctor (NOTE TO SELF: YOU GOT A FLU SHOT ON THIS DAY) which happens to be near my old house on the Muddy River.

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It's nice to be taking pictures of this river again.
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Last Sunday I led an Urban Nature Walk in the Riverway. As it turned out, 2 Livejournal friends (who I'd never met before) came along! We went to the Studios Without Walls outdoor art exhibit. I was frankly disappointed with the quality of the art this time around, but this piece was pretty good.

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The Riverway, during the "rush hour snow event."

Since I live here, I was home already.
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Hooded mergansers. One good thing about winter is the appearance of migratory ducks on our urban waterways.
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The Muddy River, at the Jamaicaway.

At Lost Pond, Alexis found a Thanksgiving totem.
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I've put this video at the top of my blog posts for the ease of those who are here due to the Brookline Tab article. Hello! And welcome. You can see the images in better quality, one by one, by following this link: Muddy River Pics and scrolling back through all 278 entries if you like. There's also a Brookline tag you can follow to see what I've posted that relates to our little town.
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Please feel free to share and relink!
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This is the second time I've sort of cheated and used a photograph of Jamaica Pond. The water of the Muddy starts in the springs of Jamaica Pond, a glacial kettle pool. The water seeps under Perkins Street (the water flows toward the building and red lights in the first picure) to Ward's pond, a second kettle pool with its own spring. The water leaves Ward's as Babbling Brook, joined by water from the tiny Spring Pond, flowing through Willow Pond and then finally Leverett Pond, an artificial widening of the waterway.

Water from Village Brook, a completely culverted brook which contains the flow from most of the storm drains of Brookline and Newton, flows into Leverett pond full of sediment and other unkind elements from the streets above. The resulting sandbar has turned into a small island, anchored in place by purple loosestrife. The Muddy River truly begins here, running through culverts under route 9, Brookline Ave, and Park Drive. The stretch of park between Brookline Ave and Park Drive is called The Riverway, and it's where I've taken 90% of these photos.

The water continues into the Fenway, and finally into the Charles.

But it all starts at Jamaica Pond.


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