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See the snow/firepit bar and Jim, in action!
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When the wonderful and unique gift shop Flyrabbit closed, I was working there with tattoo artist Sue Jeiven. I lost track of her, but occasionally do a search to see what she might be up to. It turns out she's working in a tattoo parlor in Brooklyn--the owner of the business said in an interview "I admire my employee Sue Jeiven the most, for coming back from massive invasive cancer surgery and insisting on tattooing before she could even stand upright." I did not know about the cancer but I am thankful that Sue appears to have recovered.

I also discovered that she has continued her hobby of taxidermy, even teaching classes in the craft. She specifically does "Anthropomorphic Taxidermy," a form more controversial than naturalistic taxidermy. I think some people object to dead animals becoming the object of whimsy. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

Sue, if you're out there and you happen upon this, drop me a line! I miss you and I'm so happy you are doing well.
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 photo IMG_6114_zps642dca73.jpg
Sunday morning there were clouds of flying insects emanating like smoke from the ground! Read more... )
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 photo IMG_6092_zpsdf531e9c.jpg
If you are in a place with harsh freezing winters, and you see a yellow jacket in May, you are most likely seeing a queen. She has woken up from her sleep, where she was hiding under bark or under a nice warm rotting log, or--as I suspect in this case--in a crevice or wall void in a building. Queens can sting, apparently, but this one had no interest in doing so. I found her battering against a window, probably trying to get outside to find a place to establish a nest, with whatever energy she had stored from last year.

I got her a little wet, so that she would slow down a bit for the photograph (and this short hygiene video). I have a request in to Bugguide.net to identify her to species.
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 photo IMG_5657_zps35249890.jpg
Wilson Mountain Reservation is a protected patch of woods on a stony hill in Dedham. The main entrance has a parking area which is almost always packed with cars full of dog owners taking their pets for a quick ramble up the path, often off-leash. My good friend [livejournal.com profile] dedhamoutdoors knows her town well, and took me to the back side of the Reservation, where we didn't see another human or canine soul. Perhaps the persistent light rain helped.

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 photo IMG_5617_zpscc1655f9.jpg

Well the snow melted away finally, and what should we see but the bold leaves of dwarf cinquefoil (on the left) and chickweed (on the right) and possibly dandelion (in the middle).
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 photo IMG_5050_zps17976847.jpg
Little man Gouda has less than a week left with us before he goes to his forever home!

Quite a bit warmer today (like, right around the melting point) so the dogs were much friskier!
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 photo IMG_4278_zps741f3096.jpg
Three O'Clock this weekend found us in the kitchen, Alexis laying on the floor with foster pup Gouda.

 photo IMG_4284_zpsd8b1649a.jpg
Today's pic is distinguished from Saturday's by the heavier coat in use.

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Oh, Hello!

Nov. 17th, 2013 08:08 pm
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 photo IMG_4204_zps91f03911.jpg
New pup Gouda is with us now. He seems smaller than most of our previous fosters. He's being treated for a condition called pyoderma, which swells up his muzzle. His belly is swollen, probably a reaction to the dewormer. My brother suggested the nickname "BatManatee," to accurately reflect his weird appearance. Besides his piglike ears and color, he has those strangely calm blue eyes--very unpuppyish somehow.

 photo IMG_4202_zps09be066c.jpg

He looks more like a puppy in this video than in the still pictures.
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 photo IMG_4046_zps0dd5cfe9.jpg
So we've had this thing in our house for the week. He leaves tomorrow, to go to his proper foster home. Another cutie that won't be hard to find a home for.

Reed is speedy and has a good sense of how to goad Maggie into playing. Didn't really work THIS time, but sometimes.
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 photo IMG_2344_zpsdddf8ee9.jpg
Prospect Park continued to be lovely.

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 photo IMG_2283_zpsa175de03.jpg

 photo IMG_2280_zps07b56680.jpg
The cross orbweavers are starting to appear, still kinda small.
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This is Nebuchadnezzar (we call her Nebbie) all curled up to protect and groom her twins, born about an hour before the picture was taken. Don't get too excited, I got exactly zero pictures of the babies. But the rest of the pictures are pretty good, and there's a video of a gorilla doing something interesting too.

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Spam alert

Feb. 21st, 2013 09:38 am
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I'm home sick from work today, some evil spirit crawled into my lungs quite suddenly yesterday and gave me a fever and an inability to draw a full breath. As I am to get on an airplane in three days and spend a week traveling, this is bad timing. I drank some generic NyQuil yesterday, apparently to give me some perspective on what it is to really feel bad. Today I'm sticking to ibuprofen, soup, and ginger ale, as well as lots of cuddling with dogs and the internet.

So this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on my photo posts! Perhaps this is a treat for you, perhaps a drag. I guess it's not really any of my business.

I'm looking forward to meeting at least one person on my vacation that I only know through an email correspondence, and catching back up with [livejournal.com profile] rockbalancer. I'm strangely excited to use my "rockbalancer" tag, as well as my "california" tag.

Right now I'm listening to archives of the Hadron Gospel Hour, which is broadcast live Sunday nights at nine o'clock (right when I'm crawling into bed). I'm loving this stuff--mostly psychedelic with a lot of strange tangents. Listen to or download the archives here. It looks like you can watch the radio shows on YouTube, too, if you like to see my friend Rich in a little studio lit by a sickly green light.

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photo (4)
The fire exit in the Tropical Forest exhibit.

Tonight I shared "Repo Man" with my coworkers, for our zookeeper society movie night. I've wanted to do it ever since I knew we had movie nights. Many of the people watching were not born when the movie came out. I think it went over quite well, considering that it was low budget even for the time it was made, and these people are used to 200 million dollar movies.

I think it holds up as a film. Still very funny, still great music, still a fairly unpredictable story. If I had my hands on it I might edit out about 10 minutes that slow it down a bit (the party at Miller's house with the Repo Wives seems extraneous for example).

I still have The Plugz soundtrack music in my head:

The cassette of the soundtrack was the biggest influence on my taste in music--that and my friend Brian Strniste who was into New Wave and New Romantics stuff. I heard Fear and Suicidal Tendencies and thought, WHOA music can sound like this? Give me more!

Edited to add: Next movie night is Labyrinth, which I described to one youngster as an "above-average Muppet chick movie."
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Christopher, the African lion, on his heat rock perch at the top of the zoo.

Zoo visitors are sometimes disappointed by seeing animals sleeping on exhibit. Chris is almost 20 years old, what do you expect a 20 year old cat to do most of the day?

You can't expect him to do this all the time:

(not my video, obv)


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