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 photo P1020799_zps6dohjb0s.jpg
Checking the air pressure on the hospital van.
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 photo P1020663_zpsfnbrpbcl.jpg
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 photo P1020599_zpsw1xne8dx.jpg
Lookin' tough with my golf cart.
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 photo P1020490_zpsh0l8t22q.jpg
These sheets are clean and white, but for how long?
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 photo P1020232_zps15rfizp3.jpg
Staff and volunteers pull together to get the cover back on the butterfly pavilion.
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Being a hospital zookeeper means cleaning floors, a lot of the time.
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 photo P1020177_zpsakekn110.jpg
Children's Zoo staff cleaning the duck pond, some of the hardest, dirtiest, SMELLIEST work you could imagine.
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 photo P1020066_zpsbpgawtft.jpg
I was going to take a snapshot of our vet student, but I got self-conscious about how creepy it seemed. So I took the not-at-all creepy alternative of setting the self-timer to photograph me mopping.
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 photo P1010937_zps7rza05pq.jpg
 photo P1010938_zpsodisv7py.jpg

Pest control requires shoveling snow sometimes.
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 photo P1010925_zpslqyy0l1a.jpg
Preparing the PM diet for the mystery animals!

Which I can tell you now are red river hogs. Hopefully I can get some publishable pics of them soon.
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 photo P1010923_zps2xp1ywxb.jpg
Still life furtively snapped during meeting.
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 photo P1010851_zps0tr7qqut.jpg
I cut a trench through the two inch deep ice so that the massive amount of melting snow could drain to the...giant puddle.
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 photo P1010773_zpsvnp2lzio.jpg
Important work-related email
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 photo P1010766_zpsldltxi5p.jpg
Sweeping the wet and salty zoo hospital floor.
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 photo P1010758_zpskoqk3h7j.jpg
While the snow removal people are busy with other areas I thought I'd pull my own weight (along with my volunteer) and dig out our quarantine runs.
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 photo P1010672_zpsdvg1frsn.jpg
Here's the updated view out my office window.

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 photo P1010635_zpssakh3vgg.jpg
Selfie with a giant mound of work-related snow.
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 photo P1010479_zpsjccywkpa.jpg
A tentative new diet for the new mystery animals.


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