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The day before Halloween we had an Urban Nature Walk at good old Mount Auburn. Among other things, we saw North America's most massive bird species.

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Our 11th anniversary date! Delicious lunch at Punjabi Dhaba.

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And a hot tub soak at Inman Oasis.
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We went to a party at a friend's house in Cambridge yesterday. While getting the tour of the place, my friend pointed out that she had matching spiderlings between her potted plants on an open deck. I guessed that they were probably cross orbweavers, but took a couple pictures to be sure.

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Yep! These spiders were only about 2 mm long but already had their distinctive markings.

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Wednesday: in Harvard Square, on our way to our tax date!

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Later in the day: JIM!! (we're taking care of him for a little while while Alex visits family)
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Somehow in the midst of all the dog-related chaos, with Alexis out of town, I was able to complete a scheduled Urban Nature Walk! My idea for this year is to start at the mouth of the Charles, then follow it upriver on the North side. It's not much, but it's a theme. Here I am, as the weather app indicates, in the fair city of Cambridge. The mercury hit the Fahrenheit scale at 14, a bit colder than yesterday, but the motivation of an Urban Nature Walk is enough to get me out there to see North Point Park.
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Hey everyone, I'm going to begin our 2014 series of Urban Nature Walks a week from today, Sunday January 26th. I haven't decided where to walk yet (well, I had, but someone is suggesting an alternate location) so if you want to get involved in helping to decide, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/68443835849/10152215190105850/?notif_t=group_comment and jump in.

EDITED TO ADD: Well I've gone and decided to conduct the walk at two parks: Long Point Park and Paul Revere Park, both on the Cambridge side of the Charles and each on a different side of the Zakim bridge. We will begin at Long Point Park, at 10:00 a.m. I have never been to either of these parks, so these will be "expeditionary" instead of part of any kind of planned curriculum. I have it in my head to start at the harbor and work my way inland along the Charles over the course of the year, ending up 12 walks inland somewhere.

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Boston (and Cambridge) looking very green as we leave.

See you later tonight, city!
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After our visit to the spa we tried to go to the Indian place but it was closed. So we went to the Druid. Indian, Irish, what's the difference? Nice weird art in there right now.

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I need to post these pictures before I load the new batch on to Photobucket or I'll go batty! This little guy was stuck to the zoo hospital one early morning. He was gone later when I remembered he was there.

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If I had yesterday to live over again, I wouldn't drive three miles with the parking brake on. But we did get to walk around Fresh Pond, (the city of Cambridge's water supply) and they did fix our brakes while we waited (3 1/2 hours).

We got to see the nature of Cambridge, Boston's Ivy League neighbor across the Charles.

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