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The grief is very fresh as we said goodbye to Maggie yesterday. She had a mast cell tumor and it spread to her central nervous system. We eased her to final sleep outside on the grass on a beautiful fall day. If you've been following this blog for a long time you know how important she was to us, if not, here's a little gallery of memories.

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 photo IMG_1200_zpsg1d6mqsj.jpg

Angel Pecan.
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 photo P1020406_zpsvhmw1aqz.jpg
The back yard is greening up nicely!
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 photo P1020219_zps78e2u725.jpg
Alex came over to enjoy the warm sunny spring day!
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Have I mentioned lately how excited I am that Rock Band is coming back? Not that we ever stopped playing.
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 photo P1020144_zpskdhbw7mb.jpg
Alexis went away for the weekend, but Alex and Jim came over to keep me company.
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 photo P1010991_zpsi8otsmw8.jpg

 photo P1010989_zpsqibvy9am.jpg

 photo P1010994_zpsw2ydsfez.jpg
Also Alex got Alexis a shirt with a picture of Maggie on it.
From here: http://www.doggietops.com/collections/841951-custom-designs/products/9339052-t-shirt-customized-design
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 photo P1010861_zpsfm9v2u8h.jpg
Alex's new house! She's been there a few months, but I think this is one the first pictures I've taken that shows a lot of it. Alex and Alexis are suspending Jim with a stick. Alexis and I came over to help chip out some ice and ameliorate the dogs' cabin fever.
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 photo P1010835_zpso4xha7cg.jpg
We'd had enough of being out in the cold and came in to watch a movie.
("Out of Sight" JLo and Clooney in 1998 film of an Elmore Leonard story. Meh. I got it because I liked Jackie Brown so much. Too Hollywood.)
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 photo P1010786_zps1nei7suj.jpg
On Sunday, after a little bit of overnight wet snow, Alex and Jim came over.

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 photo P1010618_zpszwtbnyzm.jpg
Alex and Jim came over to play, before the next storm arrives.

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 photo P1010247_zpsc7cfc654.jpg
Alex sits with Carlisle while someone watches jealously from the baby gate.
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 photo IMG_0741_zps311f6c33.jpg
New Years Day! Alex and I getting our Rock Band on.
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 photo IMG_0470_zpsd90350c9.jpg
A relatively mild day means hanging out in the back yard with Alex and the dogs.

 photo IMG_0471_zpsace1a359.jpg
Dogs all over!
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 photo IMG_0422_zps8d5b8874.jpg
Alex is under there somewhere, with her dog Jim, and my dogs Charlie and Maggie (in case you're new here).

 photo IMG_0421_zps2aebed49.jpg
Alex brought over a little Victory in a bottle, which gleamed like liquid gold in the sun.

 photo IMG_0418_zps4e7fb5c8.jpg
The Norway maple in the front yard decided this weekend was the right time to drop all its leaves.

 photo IMG_0420_zpsfcccd1f8.jpg
Look, it's foster puppy Pocket! She looks cute in the leaves, but she kind of looks cute everywhere.


Oct. 15th, 2014 08:43 pm
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 photo IMG_7987_zps84118826.jpg
Alex with Pocket and Jim.
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 photo IMG_7826_zps4a033be2.jpg
My friend Alex recently bought a new house. She's getting the full experience of being responsible for the animals that let themselves inside. I have to say I'm very proud of her--she was quite aware that there were at least two species in her bedroom, but did not kill them since they will do more good than harm. I identified one right away as a yellow sac spider, but I had more trouble with this one.

My friend Keith identified it for me: it's a broad-faced sac spider, Trachelas tranquilis. It looks fairly similar to the woodlouse hunter but is not closely related. Like the yellow sac spider it makes a silk refuge to hide in during the day and actively hunts at night. The entry on bug guide adds "...will frequently enter houses by accident in the autumn," which also helps identify it. This individual gets its studio-quality portrait from posing on the window blinds (it was trying to hide and I spooked it out to photograph it).
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 photo IMG_7185_zps95dccddd.jpg
Alex tries to get Turkey to look at the camera for the snapshot. This is just before we went to Brew at the Zoo! This time I didn't get so drunk that I threw up and embarrassed myself.
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 photo IMG_7038_zpsc5fb2e4a.jpg
This craptastic selfie is my 3:00 snapshot, like it or not. Someone in the bar saw me doing it and came over to do it right.

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