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 photo IMGP3114_zpsfge9cnop.jpg
I think Zari appreciates me as a naturalist, but isn't too happy with me as a photographer. This is right as she noticed the ferns among the cattails.

 photo IMGP3115_zps6pxdgqv3.jpg
None of us present knew the identity of this wildflower. A little digging turned up "swamp cinquefoil," Comarum palustre, found in wetlands throughout the northern part of the northern hemisphere.

 photo IMGP3117_zps8xlvglhr.jpg
I appreciate the reassuring messages on the boardwalk.

 photo IMGP3142_zps52rzlu14.jpg
I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess they must trim back the cattails that come up through the boardwalk.
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 photo IMGP2805_zpseoivjdtj.jpg
Last weekend, while everywhere between DC and NY was getting whomped with 2 feet of snow, we got a steady but light event. I went out at twilight because the light looked weird and I liked it.

 photo IMGP2806_zpso1zs1k2z.jpg
This snowy swamp is a retaining pond for road runoff.

 photo IMGP2811_zpsbinzusvo.jpg
Looking up into our neighborhood from the main road.

 photo IMGP2819_zps8tijs0a2.jpg
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 photo P1030536_zpspgempclx.jpg

Charlie would rather not say hi to the King's Bowling mascot, thanks
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 photo P1020791_zpsj6ydxloc.jpg
One of the claims to fame of my humble little town is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) colonial era houses in the country. The Fairbanks House contains a section built in 1636 and additions from later years.

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 photo P1020249_zpsxpriugqc.jpg
Another nice day in the yard. Maggie in full dead cow position.

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 photo P1010730_zpsm3id4xdt.jpg
A glance out the side door at the pre-storm world.

 photo P1010729_zpsattbty4m.jpg
When I first woke up, taking the temperature of the day.

So that bookmark was maned wolf tracks. I am still willing to trade to zookeepers for other tracks.
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 photo P1010623_zpsvelwn0o0.jpg
Shoveling once more, this time in a little storm they didn't call a blizzard, but with snow that fell faster and heavier than last week's actual blizzard.

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 photo P1010480_zpsia9dva2a.jpg
If you like weather, get a dog. We had a Norway maple cut recently and you can see our house a lot better from this angle than you used to. I can't wait to see how the cedar fills out.
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 photo P1010328_zps1ad4a88e.jpg
So as I was on my 2 mile walk, I passed this dam on Mother Brook. Mother Brook, as I may have blogged before, was the first man-made canal in New England. It was cut between the Charles and Neponset Rivers, for the purpose of making waterfalls like this one to turn waterwheels.

 photo P1010329_zps8f444db5.jpg
The wheels and mills are gone, but the dams remain.

 photo P1010330_zps88f0acef.jpg
The partially ruined beauty of the human hand on the New England landscape.
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 photo P1010327_zpscbe18a73.jpg
A 3:00 look at Contentment Cottage, before I go for my daily 2 mile walk (a new years resolution I think).
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 photo P1010234_zps2bc22548.jpg
The view of the back yard from the kitchen window.

 photo P1010238_zps85f2e51b.jpg
The front of the house at night.

 photo P1010243_zps8b9f5449.jpg
Walking the block in the morning slush.

 photo P1010245_zps8d7b7f3a.jpg
Looking down the length of our street.
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 photo IMG_0212_zpsd1e0f5cf.jpg
My friend [livejournal.com profile] dedhamoutside and I co-led an Urban Nature Walk in the Dedham Town Forest (previously seen here). This sign is relatively new. On the one hand, it's nice for the town to recognize the Town Forest; on the other, now it's more visible for use and abuse. We set out with the intention to find mushrooms and other living things!

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 photo IMG_7359_zps84f14256.jpg
My neighbor is a dogwalker, and was passing by with a golden named Murray so I brought Turkey Bryce out to meet him. They immediately engaged in a spirited game of biteyface.
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 photo IMG_7242_zpse1c5745f.jpg
Grass bursting through an asphalt sidewalk, Dedham Massachusetts.
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 photo IMG_7194_zpse791a114.jpg
On Sunday I did something that would have horrified my past self: I bicycled for the exercise. Here's my 3:00 snapshot break, at the Tahiti.
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 photo IMG_6616_zpse27a8418.jpg
Our new neighbors have a Boston terrier / French bulldog puppy that we've been enjoying from afar. A couple days ago we flagged them down as they passed and invited them into the yard. Her name is Mayhem.
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 photo IMG_6574_zps4a549d72.jpg
At the end of the last Urban Nature Walk my friend [livejournal.com profile] dedhamoutdoors suggested we walk near Little Wigwam Pond (this is pronounced "little wiggum pond" in order to differentiate locals from carpetbaggers). A couple days later she said she found sundew plants there, and I said "sounds good! you're leading!" or words to that effect.

This first picture shows the group exploring life along the train tracks.

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