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Passing Jamaica Pond on my way to the MSPCA. Did you know last week they waived adoption fees on adult cats and placed almost 200 cats in new homes?
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At a traffic light in front of Jamaica Pond, on my way to my doctor's appointment.

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Jamaica pond. The time change is making me have to do this daily picture thing much more deliberately. Once I get out of work it's quickly too dark for most nature photography.

Perkins street, between Jamaica Pond and Ward's Pond.
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Jamaica Pond at Dusk, July 19, 2010.
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American crows. These two were part of group of six or eight that were harassing a red-tail.

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Parallel goose and human tracks on Jamaica Pond.

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This is the second time I've sort of cheated and used a photograph of Jamaica Pond. The water of the Muddy starts in the springs of Jamaica Pond, a glacial kettle pool. The water seeps under Perkins Street (the water flows toward the building and red lights in the first picure) to Ward's pond, a second kettle pool with its own spring. The water leaves Ward's as Babbling Brook, joined by water from the tiny Spring Pond, flowing through Willow Pond and then finally Leverett Pond, an artificial widening of the waterway.

Water from Village Brook, a completely culverted brook which contains the flow from most of the storm drains of Brookline and Newton, flows into Leverett pond full of sediment and other unkind elements from the streets above. The resulting sandbar has turned into a small island, anchored in place by purple loosestrife. The Muddy River truly begins here, running through culverts under route 9, Brookline Ave, and Park Drive. The stretch of park between Brookline Ave and Park Drive is called The Riverway, and it's where I've taken 90% of these photos.

The water continues into the Fenway, and finally into the Charles.

But it all starts at Jamaica Pond.
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A credible report of a not-quite-adult bald eagle flying over Jamaica Pond has come in to the Boston Birds google list. It was seen two days ago. It is likely that it will return, looking for weakened waterfowl and carrion.

In December 2007 a young eagle was seen on the pond feeding on a goose carcass. A few years before that an adult bald eagle was seen on the ice making use of the same food source. They aren't common in Boston, but they do live in our suburbs and spend time on our waterways.
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Jamaica Pond, lost in the falling snow at about 1:30 this afternoon. It's still snowing quite steadily, and is supposed to continue for many more hours.

By contrast, a year ago at this time I was enjoying a sunny and relatively warm day in Hartford with my dad.

On this day in 365 Urban Species: Non-biting midge.
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Green street station.
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On this day in 365 Urban Species; American sea rocket.
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On this day in 365 Urban Species: Scarlet tanager, photographed while gorging itself on the fruit of our flowering dogwood tree, which this year is almost completely barren.


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