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In the bathroom at my dentist's office, checking out my temporary crown.
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Wednesday I went to the doctor (NOTE TO SELF: YOU GOT A FLU SHOT ON THIS DAY) which happens to be near my old house on the Muddy River.

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It's nice to be taking pictures of this river again.
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Follow-up appointment.
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At a traffic light in front of Jamaica Pond, on my way to my doctor's appointment.

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I made a doctor's appointment finally. The doctor they selected for me is older than the last few--I google-stalked her and discovered that she graduated as an undergrad in 2006. I can't expect her to tell me that I'm "not overweight" (the last nice thing a doctor told me) but hopefully she'll prescribe me some albuterol inhalers. It's a shame they changed the propellant (something to do with the ozone layer), I don't think the new ones work as well. They should check to see what those CFC propellants are doing in our lungs, that shit felt nice.

Will I have the courage or time to bring up mental health issues? I have diagnosed myself with mild anxiety/depression/rage issues, which most people don't see, except for my ravaged fingernails and hefty recycling contributions:

And then there's the possibility that they'll discover some other interesting ailment with their routine tests! High cholesterol? Enlarged prostate? Is my asymmetrical body hair a symptom of anything?
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Yesterday morning I took Charlie swimming at a pond behind a warehouse on RT. 9. In the median strip in rt. 9 in Brookline, in the areas they haven't rebuilt yet, there is a thick monocultural herb garden of blooming chicory, my favorite wildflower. It's raining right now, for the first time in over a week. The plants Alexis put in our front area were starting to wilt and shrivel, so hopefully this will help.

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